Yang Hyun Suk says money is “not important” in PSY’s American debut

Yang Hyun Suk says money is not important in PSY's American debut

“Money is not important.” These are the words of Yang Hyun Suk, the director and producer of YG Entertainment who is currently watching over singer PSY‘s American debut. He also added, “I think we will proceed more calmly in the future,” without once losing his calmness.

PSY is finally making his debut in America. On September 4th, it was announced that PSY and YG Entertainment had signed a distribution agreement with the nation’s largest recording company, Universal Music‘s Universal Republic Records. His foreign management will be taken on by Scooter Braun, who currently manages artist Justin Bieber.

In a phone call with E-Daily StarIn, Yang Hyun Suk said, “It’s something that was difficult to imagine happening.” He also happily added, “PSY has already cleared the level of many idol groups who are doing well. The fact that the music video for ‘Gangnam Style’ has passed 100 million views in only 52 days has implications on its own.”

That puts PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video ahead of 2NE1‘s I Am the Best,” which has 50 million hits a year after its release, and SNSD‘s “Gee,” which has 84 million hits after 3 years. PSY currently holds the record for “best in the shortest time” of any Korean singer. This contract with America’s Universal Republic Records makes it difficult to gauge exactly how limitless the possibilities are for PSY’s activities overseas.

Yang Hyun Suk thinks that in order to make music that the public enjoys, it’s important to make heartfelt music that the artist enjoys as well. He said, “Bad results come when you try to use certain techniques to force the creation of a certain type of music or MV. It’s impossible not to look back and see what types of musicians have been accepted by the public.”

There is nothing that Yang Hyun Suk is paying attention to more than the opportunities that PSY’s American debut will bring. He said, “Rather than the huge popularity of ‘Gangnam Style’, it’s important to note that the singer is a Korean celebrity.”

“Just as Bae Young Jun created a ‘golden age’ of Korean dramas in Japan through ‘Winter Sonata,’ we want PSY to be a pioneer of Korean music in America,” Yang Hyun Suk added.

He continued, “The amount of money that PSY makes in America isn’t important. He should be lowering barriers and prejudices against Korean singers.” His hopes seemed high. “Thanks to PSY, his colleagues like Big Bang and 2NE1 and other Korean singers may be able to more easily enter the world.”

“If you look inside the largest category of Korean culture, there is a huge positive impact that’s derived from music by itself, and that can create tremendous value not only for Korea’s brand, but also for its economy, trade and industry,” Yang Hyun Suk said. “In this regard, PSY’s American debut, which is made possible by the fame he created for himself, is a huge achievement and his greatest feat.”


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