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2AM Jung Jin Woon finds a Japanese Jung Hyung Don

2AM‘s Jung Jin Woon posted a photo taken with a Jung Hyung Don look-alike in Japan.

On January 12th, Jin Woon posted on his Twitter, “Japanese version of Hyung Don hyung! I’m exploding with laughter.” and “His name is Seuwasang. Looks so alike.. Don-i hyung I miss you!”

The person standing in the picture with Jin Woon truly has a similar face and build to Jung Hyung Don. Especially with Hyung Don’s characteristic sour expression, one cannot help but smile.

Netizens responded to the picture, “Jung Hyung Don Japan edition”, “Too crazy”, “Exactly the same” and “I want to see another version.”

In the meantime, Jin Woon is currently in Japan promoting his group 2AM’s debut single “Never Let You Go.”

Source: MyDaily

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  1. Jor2darel
    25 mos, 3 wks ago

    Oh shoot, they really do look alike! =O crazy

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