JYJ sells out and breaks record for Peru concert in 30-minutes

JYJ has yet again proved their star power by setting a record for sales in Peru.

As a lot of fans know, JYJ is about to embark upon a South America tour, and the trio have caught the attention of all the locals. Literally.

In little than 30-minutes, JYJ was able to sell out their Peru concert. Something that the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or even the Jonas Brothers couldn’t do.

The feat is especially impressive when considering the fact that the boys don’t have albums being sold there, they don’t appear on MTV’s or even played on radio. But yet, more than 5000 tickets were sold.

The concert will be held at Monumental Stadium. JYJ is expected to arrive in Lima Mar. 10 and leave immediately following the concert.


Sources:  Elcomercio.pe, JYJ3


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