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Sunmi returning to the Wonder Girls?

Two years ago, Sunmi postponed her singing dreams and returned to training, but is she now ready for a comeback?

In January 2010, a former member of the Wonder Girls, Sunmi, announced that she would be pursuing a college education and leaving the group. Soon after, she was admitted to Dongguk University as a theater major. Along with her college life, she continued to receive vocal training as a trainee under her agency, JYP Entertainment.

Recently, the topic of conversation on online entertainment communities has become, “Will Sunmi be making a comeback with the Wonder Girls for their U.S. album?”

On January 13th, a photo bearing the title, “Sunmi rejoining the Wonder Girls, photoshopped or real?”, was posted on a portal site community message board. The photo stirred up much interest amongst netizens.

In the photo of the Wonder Girls’ recent album jacket, Sunmi is seen situated between the current members, dressed to match the album’s concept. She fits in so well that the photo looks authentic and suggests that Sunmi will be a sixth member of the Wonder Girls.

However, a representative of JYP Entertainment insisted that there was nothing to these rumors and that the photo of Sunmi had indeed been photoshopped. Sunmi is still a trainee, and no decisions have been made concerning her comeback.

Sources: MyDaily, Osen

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  1. OmgWadIsThat
    25 mos, 3 wks ago

    the picture looks pretty real to me

  2. ☼Sunshine☼
    25 mos, 2 wks ago

    It’ll be great if this was true. I miss Sunmi, she was always so bubbly and hyper, alongside Soo Hee. Now that she might be back, yeah~

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