Why MBLAQ’s Mir cannot date

MBLAQ‘s Mir and his older sister, actress Go Eun Ah, will show off their close sibling relationship and appear on air together for the first time on the January 17th couples special of the SBS show ‘Strong Heart.’

Mir confided, “It seems that I’m always in the palm of my sister’s hand. Now I’m under her surveillance.”

Go Eun Ah excitedly acknowledged, “I do worry about my younger brother. I also become worried and check if he meets girlfriends. If it appears there is a girl he is interested in, she has to go through me beforehand.”

Mir expressed his feelings of being stifled, “Because of my older sister, I can never meet girls.”

Other couples who will appear on this special episode of ‘Strong Heart’ include legendary MCs Huh Cham and Jung So Nyeo of the show ‘Family Game‘, Ahn Sun Young and her mother, actor Seo Jun Young and SISTAR‘s BoraKim Min Hee and Ahn Jung Hoon and models Go Eun Ae and Kang Seung Hyun.

‘Strong Heart – Couples’ will be broadcasted on January 17th at 11:15 PM KST.

Source: StarNews

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5 thoughts on “Why MBLAQ’s Mir cannot date

  1. WOW. I can totally undeerstand MIR’s feelings. Vice versa, I have a brother that literally “filters” my guy pals. It’s like a boyfriend standard security check.

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