Paparazzi photos of SNSD overstep boundaries, according to fans

SNSD Hong KongPaparazzi photos of girl group SNSD have sparked controversy recently.

Recently photos have surfaced on online community sites of photos in a Hong Kong-based entertainment magazine called “Face Magazine,” which revealed photos of SNSD on an airplane flight. However, the photos have raised criticism as fans feel the paparazzi have overstepped their boundaries.

Representatives for Face Magazine refused to reveal the source of the paparazzi photos.

Netizens reacted to the photos with comments such as, “This is going too far. No matter whether you like them, their private selves should be protected,” “Are SNSD not allowed to be like this during a time of rest? Too severe,” and “Protection of privacy is different.”

Source + Images: TV Report via Naver

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44 thoughts on “Paparazzi photos of SNSD overstep boundaries, according to fans

  1. I have no idea that even in planes and in teir state like this i can still see goddesses^^ They sre humans too and they get tired soo its okay for them to act like that on plane and te person whi took this THANK YOU! LOL

  2. I am so enraged. It’s like an intrusion of privacy to even track someone’s life, must less FOLLOW them on a private trip! Oh god, I bet that paparazzi must have been desperate for a paycheck, XD. Or either, that paparazzi is like a crazed fan that adores stalking CELEBRITIES!?! It’s bad enough that you caught them off guarded, but why did you literally pointed out their defects? The more I read and analyze, the more I feel enraged. Ugh. And, how can you take pictures of someone in their sleep?!?! It’s so rude! And a girl even! What next, huh? Trolling them around until one appears in a bikini? And then make up a story about how SNSD’s members are becoming “naughty”. Da eff. That paparazzi BETTER be ashamed. -cracks knuckles- I’m coming to get you, Paparaz.

  3. Looking at the photos, I have a feeling they may have been taken by a pro or someone who can get close to them, maybe a staff member or whoever..

    I believe the magazine must have paid a lot of $$ for these exclusive photos, and that the person who sold the magazine these photos did it for the $$$ involved.

    if it was a paparazzi, I think SNSD will have noticed it in the airplane, besides that photographer will have to be on the first class cabin as them and near their seats to have been able to take such shots..

    I think HK paparazzi is world famous for its intrusion of privacy, especially of HK stars..and such, but taking photos of them on a plane really takes the cake..

    I think SNSD will feel more like prisoners in HK, fearing to leave their hotel room to even shop ard, rather than feel like guests to the country..

    • …Actually, the more I think of it, the more I suspect. Could this be a popularity grabber specifically created by the SNSD staff and SNSD themselves?

      …Or maybe not. -grumbles-

  4. definitely they have no privacy at all… well… knowing they are the most popular girl group in Asia i understand how an ordinary paparazzy wanted to make a lot of money with that kind of SNSD pics…
    but my girls are so beautiful no matter what they are doing… sleeping, eating or singing… they are the best !

  5. you wanna be famous and u talk about privacy. come on now. if u wanna be a star u already know and gave up that right to have privacy.

    • true. you have to be careful with your actions and all xD If you wanna be famous, you have to learn to face the challenges/consequences.

  6. Kpop fans are truly amazing, protecting their Idols like this shows true devotion. Wish North American fans would respect our celebrities as much.

  7. i’m from hong kong and the Face magazine has been notorious for their reportings. They have always been along this line, but I think they are one of the gossip magazines which intrudes celebrities’ privacies the most. They always tend to have sensational headings and content to make stuff up… anyways better luck next time….

  8. This is what Hong Kong’s newspaper is all about people. you can have SNSD walking in the street and they’ll go like ‘wow, look at how bitching they are’. Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is a fail. I don’t get the pics. Isn’t them showing how the girls are trying to be themselves and relax on the flight? Come on, who don’t do that. Probably not hong kongers. And about the source? Who else is on that plane. Flight attendants and of course they did not use a DSLR to capture them wouldn’t mean they are not using PIN HOLE camera. Typical.

  9. Well to be honest it was bound to happen. I am personally not one of the hugest SNSD fans and all but I understand why most will say no privacy was given. The big thing for the company that has these pictures taken is not the privacy invasion but if you think about it…. SNSD has to be one of the most popular kpop bands around, they get pictures like this in THEIR magazine and not only will you/others be enraged to see such a thing, but you will eventually check up on what new things they have taken/written to see if they are mentioned again. Overall the company will profit a lot from doing things like this. As stated before, becoming famous you should already know you might run into something like this. Best thing to do is ignore it, or if the pictures are taken aren’t bad at all(like can hugely impact the person) then go with it. No make-up is something natural and not a big deal for them, and sure they were sleepy and on a plane but if they act like it was nothing and go a long with it, it will bring the company responsible down in ratings, they’d lose sales/views, and SNSD can be viewed in newer/better ways. Overall, you may be enraged and angry, but that just means you have fallen into the trap set. So instead of saying they were caught without make-up and sleepy etc., just turn it around positive and comment like “WOW! No make-up and STILL that cute?!?!” or even “AWWWW!!! *the name of person* looks SOOOO cute sleeping <3!!!". xD Basically the best way to deal with this stuff honestly. It is how most actors/actresses deal with it here in the US and it does work.

  10. you wouldn’t like it if you were the person in the photo right? now, i do believe that SOME people don’t even know the meaning of the word “RESPECT”. so whether or not i am a sone, what is it to you?, its my OPINION. it is normal for them to be like that, they also grow tired just like normal people, don’t you think?. it is indeed true that paparazzi only work for money. well, it is their job, what do i care about it? KARMA is the word that answers every deed. good luck…
    -for your information, i am indeed a smart person, debates are one my favorite things to do..

  11. I think they’re still gorgeous in that pose :D
    I agree with most of people.
    It’s normal to act like that, it’s humanity to be so exhausted.
    The girls must be so tired ..
    give them some break..
    They have worked very hard .

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