Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo is “Dirty” in her new solo MV

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo

After a series of MV teasers that left fans wondering in which direction she’ll take her music for her first solo effort,  Brown Eyed Girl‘s Miryo has finally unveiled the full MV for her debut single, “Dirty.”

Although the beat of the song is surprisingly quirky and upbeat, Miryo tells the story of a man who plays “Dirty,” in his love-game and thus cannot be trusted. Lesson learned? Don’t mess with Miryo or you’ll end up on the floor with everyone else that does her wrong in the MV.

Miryo’s new album “MIRYO aka JOHNEY” will feature five tracks with guest appearances from popular artists such as Sunny from SNSD, Leesang‘s Gary and Brown Eyed Girls‘ very own Narsha.

The track list goes:

01 Party Rock (Feat. LeeSSang’s Gary, The Koxx)
02 Dirty
03 Love You Love You (Feat. SNSD’s Sunny)
04 Revenger (Feat. Rude Paper)
05 Leggo (Feat. Narsha)

Meanwhile, Miryo’s first stage performance will be on this week’s M! Countdown airing on February 2nd.

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Sources: Star N News, SEGYE and YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo is “Dirty” in her new solo MV

  1. @nuteta well lets see you dance your *ss off and not have a raspy voice . I’m happy that she’s attpmeting to sing and not doing what some do and lip sing PLUS do you know how hard it is to sing when you cant really hear yourself??? it’s not easy to control your voice with all the crap in the backround

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