Song Ji Ho dating Baek Chang Joo, CEO of C-JES

Song Ji Ho Baek Chang Joo

Actress Song Ji Ho, most known for her current casting in SBS’s Running Man is said to be dating her company’s CEO, Baek Chang Joo.

Baek Chang Joo is the CEO of C-JES Entertainment, which houses top artists such a JYJ, Park Yoohwan and more.

It’s been reported that the pair had been dating in secrecy since December 2011 and had continued to meet frequently ever since.

Dispatch revealed that the two would meet mostly outside Seoul and that the CEO would pick up Song Ji Hyo directly from her apartment while also dropping her off.

Baek Chang Joo is said to be very gentleman-like and caring towards the actress, which is most probably why she had fell for him.

Currently, no official statement has been given regarding this issue, but we may assume that an announcement will be released soon.

Check out the pictures captured of the two below.

Source + Image: Daum

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26 thoughts on “Song Ji Ho dating Baek Chang Joo, CEO of C-JES

  1. Really…just because two people are seen together does not mean that they are dating. If they are dating then good luck to them. It is not really anyone’s business at all.

  2. even the CEO can’t control his feeling towards the celebrity.. how can he manage his company artists to not dating.. tsk tsk tsk

    • Truthfully, just because he’s dating an artist from his company doesn’t mean that he can’t manage them. Look at the artists now under him, they’re very successful. And whether they’re allowed to date or not, has nothing to do with the company unless stated in their contract.

  3. Baek Chang Ju
    CEO of C-Jes Entertainment. Served time in Jail for crime for blackmailing and threatening Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo.


    • Ann, you are very ignorant as well. You do know Ji Hyo is an actress first and foremost, right?! I’m pretty sure Gary has bagged plenty of women, and so have the majority of “idols”. Get out of your bubble of stupidity and narrow mindedness.

  4. wow… it must be good to be a ceo of a talent company just like that guy… you can choose from all your talents and date them… one lucky bastard… hahahaha…

  5. “Currently, no official statement has been given regarding this issue, but we may assume that an announcement will be released soon.”

    Yey, still chance for song song couple/monday couple and secret HaHyo couple

  6. it’s all about money….
    Poor Garry, but you’ll find someone better than her….
    P.s: Song Ji Hyo, not everything you can buy with money…..

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