Gary opens up about Song Ji Hyo’s new relationship

Monday Couple

Kang Gary recently took to Twitter to express his feelings and thoughts about cast mate Song Ji Hyo and her new relationship with Baek Chang Joo.

After the news had dropped, fans have voiced out their support for Gary while also waiting to hear a response from him.

On February 2nd, Gary responded to the news by tweeting,

“We really worked this hard from the beginning? I will work harder now, after knowing that there are people out there who are telling me to be strong… but there’s no need for that!! I don’t have anything that i need to be strong about… people out in the world are struggling for real… my toughest struggle is finding myself haha.”

He followed up with,

“Why are people telling me that they are sorry? They don’t need to be sorry and i don’t need to hear it…?”

Netizens who saw the tweet, left comments such as, “Monday Couple stay strong!”, “Monday Couple fighting!” and “People are taking the Monday Couple too seriously”

For all those who don’t know, Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo are the “Monday Couple,” in popular hit variety show “Running Man.” The news has taken many fans by storm with the Running Man producers already having revealed their thoughts of how this news will affect the “Monday Couple” in future episodes.

Source: Gary’s Twitter

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9 thoughts on “Gary opens up about Song Ji Hyo’s new relationship

    • Its a fuss because fans are delusional like always and always want their stars to be dating for real -.-

      I wish Ji Hyo and Gary all the best in their future running man recordings. I hope it doesn’t get weird between them two, though I think they most probably already talked about the situation.

        • Well, if you oppose it, then why do you want to make a fuss by posting it here. Ain’t it a fuss to ? Common sense. [?!] Well, so what’s the fuss of you posting nonsense here. And it’s a fuss, coz we, the Monday Couple Fans absolutely supports the Monday Couple, and also wishes for them to be together. If you don’t know simple things that a fan would do, then you don’t deserve to be called a fan of any star.

  1. Well, i personally thinks that obviously its a fuss, if it isn’t then why should there be Monday Couple , and even more fans of it. If they are fans of it, obviously they supports the Monday Couple. And also i agree with what Peter Jackson said. I love the Monday Couple. Ji Hyo should just break up with her current boyfriend and go with Gary instead, coz Gary was so sweet in trying to woo her. AND OMG, I JUST LOVE THE MONDAY COUPLE. MONDAY COUPLE , HWAITING !

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