Big Bang + 2NE1 to release Japanese Albums on same date!

Big Bang 2NE1

Big Bang and 2NE1 are set to simultaneously release their upcoming Japanese albums on the same date!

The albums will be released on March 28th and is also said to be the first time that an agency is having 2 of their own groups release an album at the same time.

YGEX, the new merger between YG Entertainment and Avex shed light on this decision by stating,

“We’re having the two groups release their respective albums on the same date is so that both fan groups can cheer for one another, creating more fun and excitement all around.”

Big Bang’s Japanese album will consist of 9 songs with the album titled “Alive.” Leader G-Dragon had personally been involved with the creation of the lyrics with each and every song.

Meanwhile, 2NE1′s album has not received an official title as of yet, but the album is said to consist of 10 tracks, which includes the Japanese version of their debut hits “Fire” and “I Don’t Care.”

Until then, make sure to stay tuned for more exciting news on these two group’s grand comeback!

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7 thoughts on “Big Bang + 2NE1 to release Japanese Albums on same date!

  1. This is a really weird marketing decision for YG, though. You’d think they’d want to space the albums up and draw out the attention for longer, rather than lumping them together and risk one or the other getting drowned out by the other…

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