Hyun Young reveals pictures from her past as a uniform model

Hyun Young

Pictures of Hyun Young modeling uniforms back in the days have been revealed.

A segment on MBC’s “SectionTV,” which aired on February 6, explored unrevealed past of celebrities. Of the celebrities’ pasts that were explored, Hyun Young’s past as a model captured the most people’s attention. 

During the segment, Hyun Young revealed that in her modeling days, she went by her full name Yoo Hyun Young. And upon seeing pictures from those days, she commented that she could see traces of Yoo Hae Jin (guy in the picture above), causing everyone to break into laughter.

She also admitted to having cosmetic surgery, but explained that her youthful appearance is not solely due to going under the knife, but also thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

Do you think Hyun Young has changed drastically over the years?

Source: Seoul Net to News

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