Park Yoochun cleared of Sex scandal rumor?

Park Yoochun

Lately there has been a violent rumor swirling the Kpop world, that apparently there is a woman who is threatening an JYJ‘s Park Yoochun with the release of a private sex video.

The female in question, allegedly claims she has naked photos and videos of the an idol star she dated 4 or 5 years ago.

Reports from cable TV program, JBTC, reported the story along with blurred photo’s of Yoochun which mislead many to believe it was Yoochun.

C-Jes Entertainment have stepped up to protect their idol by stating:

“We consulted with Park Yoochun himself and his involvement in this ‘Idol Threat Case’ is completely unfounded. Frankly, it is quite embarrassing for those news stations to associate Park Yoochun with this type of news. He is not the male idol group member in this scandal. These rumors are ridiculous to the point where fans do not need to be worried.”

The company has also stated that they will be pursuing legal action against JBTC TV for the defamation of Yoochun.

Source: Nate

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10 thoughts on “Park Yoochun cleared of Sex scandal rumor?

  1. Somebody should start keeping track of how many people C-Jes are suing at once X__x;; though in this case I don’t blame them, that’s a pretty dangerous accusation to have leveled against you.

  2. its ok if he has a sex video what’s wrong with that after all he’s a man there’s nothing wrong about it… shame on that girl to reveal that video if they are together its the girl who has a problem not micky!

  3. hahahaha, his name gonna turn out worst… too many scandal on him… oh well, his not my bias anyway~

    In Entertainment industry, for the one can’t control its temper.. then the person can’t go far..

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  5. Seriously? Four years? Why couldn’t you’ve released it before.
    These accusations are foolish, as if anyone would believe that c**p…
    As for the woman, she’s delusional.
    People these day -_-”

  6. Hey! If she wants to, it will probably be more beneficial to Yoochun and his fans would swarm all over to get a copy ^____^
    So don’t see how this would actually have a negative effect on his image other than that he has a sex tape.
    A lot of celebs do these days and even normal people make sex tapes. It’s stupid to use it for blackmail.
    I’d tell Yoochun if it was true to ride the wave. It would harm her more than him anyways.

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