Sandara Park parodies Se7en’s ‘When I Can’t Sing’

Sandara Park‘s parody ‘When I Can’t Do Aegyo Anymore’ has become the topic of conversation.

2NE1‘s Sandara Park (Dara) recently revealed her own parody photo of singer Se7en‘s song ‘When I Can’t Sing‘.

On February 10th, Dara updated her personal me2day,

“Today is 2NE1′s 1000th day since debut!+.+ Wow already^^.. But people still don’t seem to know me well.. On 2NE1 TV and broadcasts, the image you see that comes out is so lively and the thought is that I have a lot of aegyo (cute acts), but usually I’m very quiet and shy, Blackjacks, you know right?!?”

Then, following the style of lyrics of Se7en’s ‘When I Can’t Sing,’ she wrote,

“I wonder if people know that the image of me on 2NE1 TV is not really the whole me.. I really wonder if you know~! You tell me that you love me, but am I really who you love.. am I..! Without the palm tree hair and the Vegetta hair, would you really have noticed me.. To the Blackjacks who have liked me and cheered me on until this 1000th day..”

“I want to ask you these questions.. Oo woh oo woh! Even if I can’t do aegyo anymore.. Even if I can’t wear short skirts anymore.. If I don’t act abnormal anymore.. And even when I turn 30 soon.. Will you still be able to love me for who I am..?!? ^.^”

Attached to the last post was her parody photo. With the words ‘When I Can’t Do Aegyo Anymore’ written on the photo and wearing a black costume, Sandara Park is seen sitting in a chair and assuming the posture of someone whose worries have come out.

Netizens responded to her parody photo in various ways,

“Crown Sandara Park the parody queen”

“Congratulations on your 1000th day since debut”

“Even when you can’t wear short skirts anymore and even when you have no aegyo, I will still love you”

“I know the real Sandara Park image”

Sources: Dara’s me2day, Boom by Seoul News


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