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2PM tour sells out in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Nanjing

2PM is heating up the Asian market and receiving an enormous response.

The ‘2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Concert‘ has already sold out tickets for their performances in Bangkok on February 18th and Hong Kong on March 10th, and the upcoming performance on February 25th in Nanjing, China is now also sold out. The fact that the Hong Kong and Nanjing performances reached 9000 seats carries quite a large meaning.

On February 14th, the planning committee at CJ E&M M-Live explained,

“Unlike Hong Kong where the hallyu culture is much more mature and established, China on the other hand does not have much of an existing concert culture and is thus the most difficult market to reach. Until now, there haven’t been very many records of sold out Korean performances. For many years, we’ve been making steady progress towards China performances, and it is now a result of a synergy between learning M-Live’s know-how for concentrating on the Asian market and 2PM’s effort that has paid off.”

Beginning with their performances in September of last year in Seoul, 2PM has since proven their popularity throughout the Asian regions by continuously recording sell-out concerts in Taiwan, Jakarta and Singapore. Their concerts in Taiwan reached 10,000 audience members in the two days, the Jakarta performance reached 7,000, the Singapore performance reached 8,000, and the upcoming Bangkok and Hong Kong performances have each already pulled in over 9,000 tickets, all selling out the venues.

With the added 9,000 from the imminent Nanjing concert, 2PM can be said to have achieved an ‘Asia all-kill’ with a total of over 52,000 tickets sold.

Korean fans of 2PM cheered on their favorite idol group,

“Although we are sad that we haven’t been able to see them much in Korea, we are proud to see them representing Korea so we put up with it.”

2PM’s management company JYP stated,

“Thank you to those who send their hot support in Asia as well as to the Korean fans. We hope to return the favor by finishing off successfully our February performances in Bangkok and Nanjing and our March performance in Hong Kong.”

Source: Star News, SportsWorld, OSEN



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    Lucky fans :( ((((

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    as expected their tickets sold pretty fast

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    The combination woluld sometimes knock the imbibers out for a
    couple of days. s behavioral problem. I put a small amount
    of water in a plastic cup and quiwtly stood in front of my dog, without saying a

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