After School’s UEE chooses Hyun Bin as her ideal type

On the latest episode of ‘Guerilla Episode‘ by KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay,’ After School‘s UEE chose ‘Secret Garden‘ actor Hyun Bin as her ideal type.

Hyun Bin is currently serving in the military. UEE sent him a a supportive video message which said, “Hello! I’m UEE from After School. Military oppas! Hang in there!

UEE was also asked about her old co-actor from ’Ojakgyo Brothers,’ Ju Won. She said that she did think about dating him, but because she was an idol, it would have been complicated.

UEE’s interest in Hyun Bin have caught a lot of netizens’ attention. They have been saying things like,

“Hyun Bin is every girl’s ideal type!”

“You joined the Hyun Bin fan club”

“You’re a fan girl now!”

It’s sad that UEE has to put her love life on hold because of her popularity and time-crunched schedule. Hopefully in the near future, she’ll have enough time and space to have a relationship.

Source: Naver

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