Huh Gak Has No One To Play Basketball With..

Huh Gak Doesn't Have Anyone To Play Basketball With

Huh Gak recently shared a lonesome photo of himself on his official Twitter page.

Along with the photo, the singer said,

“I’m at Yeouido Park at night… I wanted to play basketball but there’s no one here. If you live nearby, please come over.”

Despite how lonely Huh Gak might know and how unfortunate it is that there’s no one else to play basketball with, the scenery looks very tranquil and beautiful when there’s no one else around.

Who wants to play basketball with Huh Gak!?

Souce: Huh Gak’s Official Twitter

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4 thoughts on “Huh Gak Has No One To Play Basketball With..

  1. I wish I could but I don’t live in South Korea :( That would be fun to play it at night! I’ve played tag in the dark with flash lights. It was so fun! Try it sometime, it really is fun. :p

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