Big Bang’s Seungri reveals the group’s relationship on “Big Bang’s Comeback Show”

Seungri In the height of their comeback album “ALIVE,” Big Bang member Seungri revealed the dark past of the group prior to all the scandals.

On SBS special “Big Bang’s Comeback Show,” Seungri revealed the group was never this close before the incidents involving G-Dragon and Daesung, saying that each member wanted their own spotlight and promotion.

“Every member wanted to have individual promotions. Each thought we could make it by ourselves. Taeyang and I wanted to do solo albums, T.O.P hyung wanted to pursue his acting career in drama’s and movies and G-Dragon wanted to achieve his dream of becoming a producer.”

He continued on how the group came together during its darkest hour.

“After the scandals we realized how quickly and easy it was for Big Bang to fall apart.  It was then that we grouped together as a team once again. We encouraged each other and wanted to remain strong.”

What do you guys think of the new and improved Big Bang!?

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One thought on “Big Bang’s Seungri reveals the group’s relationship on “Big Bang’s Comeback Show”

  1. I like the article. I guess things happen for a reason. I too think they all could do solo careers but they’re so much better as a group. I do hope they continue as a group but have the flexibility to release solo work.

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