NU’EST releases final teaser for member “Aron”


Earlier we reported that Pledis Entertainment released the teaser for leader, JR, of their newest group NU’EST.

Not long ago the final member, Aron‘s, teaser was revealed. The video shows the singer sitting atop a white sports car which sticks to the groups overall concept of the “bad boys.”

With this release, all five members of NU’EST have each been featured in their own respective individual teasers.

NU’EST is set to make their debut with their first single, “FACE,” on March 15th.

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2 thoughts on “NU’EST releases final teaser for member “Aron”

  1. i think he’s my bias for this group. i don’t normally have bias or talk about them but i don’t know how to describe it…

    but this teaser… i found him speaking english in this comedic not in a bad way i just felt awkward but interested because of the sound of his voice. i wanted to hear him speak korean because i heard he’s from america although it’s usually the opposite… wanting to hear his english when you discover an idol is from america. :P

    i’m looking forward to NUEST. :)

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