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Meet the 5 members of NU’EST!

Meet the 5 members of NU'EST!

Making an appearance here are the distinguished five of a rookie idol group. The name: NU’EST. An abbreviation for ‘NU, Establish, Style, Tempo,’ the name carries the meaning behind their attempt to create a new style of music. Sports Hankook caught up with the ‘tycoon idols’ that promise to be the next big thing.

Made up of Min Hyun, Len, JR, Baekho and Aron, NU’EST throws their hats into the ring of the music scene with their debut single, ‘Face.’ Composed by the same Swedish songwriter who worked on fellow agency sunbae’s Orange Caramel‘s song ‘Bangkok City,’ this time Daniel Barkman applied the recent popular sound of dubstep to set apart ‘Face.’ It is this unconventional image of theirs that serves as NU’EST’s motto and method of survival in the sea of the same old, usual idols.

JR: NU’EST’s Confident Leader


Originally from Gangreung in the Gangwon province, leader JR was like a diamond in the rough when he was first selected. Although he had not been properly trained in both dancing and singing, JR, who was fond of Eminem‘s raps, became responsible for the rapping in NU’EST.

The truth is, although it’s thought that rap is African-American music, Eminem showed that anyone can become a recognized rapper through hard work. I also constantly work hard, so I believe I can obtain such an outcome. At first, I did not have any thoughts about becoming a celebrity, but after my casting, my eyes were opened into a new world. My life is now off to a fresh start with NU’EST.

Min Hyun: Enough with the ‘Shanghai Boy’!

Min Hyun

Fans already know him as the ‘Shanghai boy.’ Min Hyun gained popularity rather early because of his appearance in Orange Caramel’s music video for their song ‘Shanghai Romance.’ Born in Busan, Min Hyun is a member that stands out for his rough charms unique to the Gyeongsang-do man.

Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to become a singer. My parents also supported my dream. After asking around for ways to become a singer, I auditioned and proudly entered NU’EST. With our debut just around the corner, I was very nervous. Before I went to sleep, I would imagine myself appearing on stage and my heart would be pounding so that I couldn’t fall asleep.

Baekho: Following in the footsteps of a friend


Born in Jeju-do, Baekho went to the regional qualifying rounds for the cable channel Mnet‘s program ‘Superstar K‘ in Jeju-do and was casted on the spot. Leaving behind the friend with whom he had checked out the scene with him, he alone set off for Seoul and met success. He may have become a singer by the slightest coincidence, but he is second to none when it comes to his passion. Upon seeing such an image, his agency’s sunbae UEE even gave him the name ‘Baekho’ (which means white tiger).

UEE sunbaenim thought that I gave off a charisma and passionate image similar to Kang Baekho from the manga ‘Slam Dunk’ and thus named me accordingly. Ever since I was young, I’ve always admired TVXQ sunbaenim. I admired all of their powerful stages. They are now no longer an object of envy but rather a goal I wish to jump over and achieve.

Aron: Giving up on New York University


After coming in first place at the Pledis auditions in America in 2009, Aron boarded a flight bound for Korea. Because he had done well in school since his youth, his parents saw this as an inconvenience and grew worried. However, even with his acceptance into New York University’s journalism department, they could no longer restrain their son and had to let him go his separate way.

I never had a dream to become a singer. Upon my parents’ advice, I became immersed in my studies in high school. However, after I was accepted into a good university, there was no longer anything holding me back from wanting to become a singer. I want to return the favor with such a successful image.

Len: Fulfilling a father’s dream


Standing out with his androgynous appeal, Len was greatly influenced by his father and has been familiar with singing since he was a little boy. With dreams of becoming a singer, the father often brought his son with him to noraebang (karaoke). From his father’s influence at an early age, Len grew up watching Michael Jackson and naturally grew a longing for the stage.

My father’s unfulfilled dream has become my own. As much as I do this, my father has great expectations. I want to satisfy these expectations. It can be hard, but After School‘s Lizzy sunbaenim, who is also from Busan, always encourages me with her energy. With our debut right in front of me, I can’t afford to be weak. The only way is to practice for a long time. (laugh)

Source: Sports Hankook

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