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MBLAQ releases “100% Ver” Repackaged Album

MBLAQ Releases Repackaged Album

MBLAQ’s “100% Ver” just got upgraded!

On March 21st, the J-tune group released their “BLAQ% Ver” album.

The upgraded album, titled “BLAQ% Ver”, includes new songs in addition to the “100% Ver” album fan favorites. However, due to the member’s injuries during their “It’s War” promotions, the band will not proceed with any new stage promotions for the album.

In the meantime, they will continue to focus on their individual schedules (drama, films, etc) and eventually practice for an upcoming  2012 Asian Tour.

MBLAQ Releases Repackaged Album

Sources: Dispatch and TV Report

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  1. Gem Garcia
    23 mos, 2 wks ago

    That is nice that they let them rest

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