CeCi’s April cover story: SHINee, Stay Cool More Action!

CeCi's April cover story - SHINee, Stay Cool More Action!

Shooting through time, past the years of adolescence, are the boys of SHINee, who have now returned with their new song “Sherlock.” Earlier, we reported that the idol group was chosen to be the magazine CeCi’s cover models for the month of April. The issue is now out, and inside is an exclusive interview with the boys. It is said that SHINee brought a light and calm energy to their dark set. Check out the interview below!


THE SONG THAT MADE SHINEE MATURE It’s a close call between “Juliette,” “Noona You’re So Pretty” and “Love Like Oxygen,” but SHINee’s true colors started to come out in “Juliette.” Our appearances gradually changed, as we moved towards our 20s. (laugh) This song seemed to give us an opportunity to have a stage that is right for our age. I hope that people like us for who we are and overlook our faults, and see the SHINee that is now doing whatever we can.

THE SHINEE IN THEIR 20S (Said candidly while getting his make-up done at the time) Our eyebrows are gradually getting thicker. Because of the experiences we’ve accumulated from standing on a variety of stages and also having concerts during the past year and six months, it seems our activities this time will be even more fun and interesting. It’ll certainly be easier compared to our teen days.

PARIS AND LONDON We had liked their music, but we never thought that they would like us. It’s like things have been reversed. I felt proud and thought ‘How could K-pop receive love so widely, I can’t believe we can show our stage here as well.’


“SHERLOCK”‘s STAGE ‘That was powerful’ will be the first reaction to come out. It’s not the singing part but it’s because of the dance that fills the stage that makes it extremely fun.

JAPAN DEBUT Not long ago, our full Japanese album went on sale. Singing those songs from four years ago once again in Japanese is a different kind of feeling. We hope everyone will listen to the songs like “Start” and “To Your Heart” that can only be found on the Japanese full album.

YEAR OF 2011, SHINEE NEWS We really had a lot of overseas schedules. We went to Europe, Asia, the Americas, and even Russia. The greatest memory that remains with me is our performance at Britain’s Abbey Road Studio. I felt honored to sing at the shrine of pop music, and it was refreshing to promote our Japan debut on stage.


SHERLOCK Our title song “Sherlock” shows a new way of doing things, where two different songs are combined into one  and becomes the third result. This is an interesting attempt that makes the album quite special.

THE INTENSITY OF PRACTICE It’s to the degree that you get tired even after dancing twice. Actually we are filming our music video tomorrow, but I am full of worries. We have to dance continuously for hours. To come out looking cool, we have to stay strong and work hard.

SALAMANDER GURU AND THE SHADOWS Oh Dal Soo, Lee Byung Joon and Im Won Hee sunbaenim have been acting for as long as I have been living, and I have learned many things by being able to work alongside them on set. Being a first-time actor, they would point out one-by-one the things that I missed. After shooting with Oh Dal Soo sunbaenim, if I felt like there was really something lacking in the scene, he would ask the director to shoot it again. I’m really thankful to them!

SHINee in the CeCi April issue


A TASTE OF HAVING AN IMPACT We want to continue to create more anticipation after this album, so we have a lot of things saved up under our sleeves. “Sherlock” is that “taste of having an impact” feeling.

AS FOR YOUR POPULARITY I think that what popular singers do is popular music. These days those in the pop music world are aiming for the same thing, wondering who is doing well, who is competing and fighting for the top. Everyone is looking for the hottest-selling composers, working with the hottest stylists and going to the hottest hair shops. Rather than becoming popular without showing our own colors, we wanted to slowly approach popularity by showing our own characteristics. We will continue to do what we enjoy in the future!

COMEBACK I would very much like to see our close friends like KARA and BEAST on the music programs, but there are only hoobaes right now at the TV stations. What to do? I have not adapted well to hoobaes greeting us. (laugh)

THE CURRENT ME I am doing very well. I have a fun life, and I’m working very hard. It’s not that I’m going through different experiences from others, it’s just that I’m thankful that I can work so hard at my job. I have never regretted my choice, not even once.


FOR THE TEEN SINGERS I also debuted at a young age and felt anxious about whether I had come to prepare myself for it. Rather than staying with the same image, I think it’s better that you bring out all the confidence you have in this world. I hope you can think positively.

IMMORTAL SONG 2 It has become a burden, and I feel very nervous. There are already so many outstanding singers that come out. However, it’s a great opportunity to show a new side of me to the public, so although it’s hard, I am pleased to do it. If I were to choose my best stage, I would say Kim Gun Mo‘s “Wrongful Meeting.”

THROUGH TAEMIN’S EYES Key hyung is planned out. His following day will always be filled with things to do. Onew hyung naps frequently. Minho hyung exercises frequently and is extremely active and athletic. Jonghyun hyung these days has become obsessed with the gym. Me? I wander around. (laugh)

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