A Pink and Beast reveals “Skinny Baby” MV for Skool Looks

A Pink and Beast released 'Skinny Baby" MV

Rookie group, A Pink and Cube Entertainment’s boy group, Beast, collaborated to bring a new dance track titled “Skinny Baby” for the company, “Skool Looks“.

Composed by Lee Taewan and Yong Sanjo, notable for writings songs for artists such as MBLAQ and Rain, “Skinny Baby” features a catchy, repetitive and addicting hook that compliments and fits with their music video concept of stylish, fresh and cool school guys and girls. Through out the music video, they are shown to be dancing and posing on a club-like set. The scenes featured the 2 hot groups fixing their make up as well.This electro, pop dance track is made to promote  “Skool Looks” which is a company producing and providing school uniforms.

Check out the music video below!:

[media url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NWBDZWox08"]

Source: Koreaboo, Apink TV, Youtube, The Star;

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