Karl Lagerfeld handpicks Siwon to model for him

Karl Lagerfeld handpicks Super Juniors Siwon to Model For Him

While in Paris, Super Junior’s Siwon recently worked with one of CHANEL’s main designers, Karl Lagerfeld, for a photo shoot for an American fashion magazine.

What is even more interesting is that Karl Lagerfeld personally chose Siwon to be his model. He was even the photographer who was taking pictures of Siwon during the photo shoot.

Karl Lagerfeld praised the way Siwon was able to execute his poses. After the event was over, Karl Lagerfeld gave Siwon some personally designed clothes and accessories as gifts.

Siwon’s pictorials will be featured in the fall issue of the American fashion magazine.

In related news, Super Junior wrapped up their solo concert in Paris on April 6th, and will now continue their tour onto Jakarta, Indonesia on April 28th and 29th.

Not only was it amazing that Siwon was handpicked for a photo shoot by Karl Lagerfeld, but he will also be featured on a major American fashion magazine that has a huge readership. Looks like Paris fits well with Siwon.

Will you rush out and buy the magazine once it releases?

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