Kim Soo Hyun interviews for At Style magazine

Kim Soo Hyun Models For At Style (Star 1) Magazine

Kim Soo Hyun recently modeled for At Style (Star 1) magazine. His publicity has been on a constant rise ever since MBC’s Moon That Embraces The Sun ended, not that he wasn’t popular enough before.

Kim Soo Hyun showed off his natural, masculine charms while wearing very unique, flashy designs.

Alongside his photo shoot with At Style magazine, Kim Soo Hyun also gave an interview for the magazine. During the interview, he revealed his opinions as an actor.

Kim Soo Hyun said,

“I have said in the past that I want to experience going crazy. Being an actor, I am able to want experiences that are normally hard to come by.”

He continued with,

“Normally, I’m a very shy guy. So filming for CFs, doing interviews, and doing events requires a great amount of energy consumption. Meeting new people is an entirely different enjoyment than I’m used to. Because of my personality, I can’t befriend someone within a short amount of time, but I store the individuality of the people in my head so that I can better remember them.”

Kim Soo Hyun concluded with,

“To be honest, I like to cry. People say that a man who cries is not masculine, but I like the weird feeling I get when the tears falls from my eyes. After crying, I feel refreshed as if something inside of me has opened up.”

The rest of Kim Soo Hyun’s interview, which includes what it’s like when he hangs out with his friends, as well as his favorite hobbies will be featured in the May issue of At Style magazine.

What do you think of Kim Soo Hyun’s honest, and revealing interview?

Source: Osen via Nate

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One thought on “Kim Soo Hyun interviews for At Style magazine

  1. Another magazine added to my list. I really enjoy his honesty. Really takes a lot to overcome shyness but really shows how he appreciate people when he says he stores people’s individuality. Cool!

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